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JoŽl Ducorroy, qualified as a neo-conceptual humorist, is a word collector who plays with art. He came up with a gimmick,-le truc c?est le style- (style?s the thing) ? you only have to know how to read in order to understand. He decided to call himself an artiste plaquetitien a Titian plates artist (Titian like the painter, plates for license plates), following the advice of Jean-Claude Lange, a friend of Raymond Hains.
In 1980 he meets Serge Gainsbourg, with whom he indulges in a play on words: ?Et c?era c?est adequat?. To commemorate this event, he has this phrase written on license plates in a large department store where Marcel Duchamp bought his bottle rack.

He starts using license plates as a support in 1981 and creates several works that closely resemble those of Pop artists. Each license plate represents a part of the whole object. When they are assembled, they reproduce the form of this object. He has been showing his works since that date, in particular:
- In 1985 in New York, for the first time, at the Emily Harvey Gallery, which mainly supports the Fluxus Movement artists.
- In 1987 in New York once again for a new exhibit dedicated to his works and meets Andy Warhol there.

- In 1988 in Nice for the first time, at the Contemporary Art Gallery of Nice Museums.

- In 1989, at the National Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo, to participate in the Color or monochrome exhibition.

- In 1991 nine galleries get together to celebrate the tenth anniversary of his work.

In the following years, like one of his mentors, Rodtchenko, he applies his ideas in different domains such as architecture, creating cloth and photography;

- At the end of 1992, for Le Confort Moderne in Poitiers he composes a major work using license plates, which represents the interior of a 4 room apartment. (More than a thousand license plates are needed.)
- He organized a personal show of his works at the Fiac in 2003 with the gallery baudoin lebon, which has represented him since 1994

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